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Northridge Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Pool Service Northridge is the leading pool contractor for tile cleaning in Northridge. A swimming pool needs regular maintenance. If it is neglected for some time, grime and dust layers begin to form on pool tiles. Other reasons for tile deposits may include too much calcium content of pool water or the presence of any other mineral impurities. This is when you need tile cleaning. Northridge domestic and commercial pools can hire our experts to perform the procedure.

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Layers of impurities on pool tiles can mar the beauty and aesthetics of your pool. These layers blur the original shine and color of the tiles so that they look old and dirty. Worse still, pool tiles with deposits offer a number of health and safety hazards. 

Once pool tiles accumulate layers of grime, dirt, algae or other deposits, these layers become the breeding ground of bacteria. Even if you perform other maintenance activities on your pool, tiles with deposits will stay dirty unless tile cleaning is performed on them. This is important because as long as the dirty layers stay on pool tiles, they are responsible for making pool water unhealthy.

Another key reason why you should choose tile cleaning for dirty tiles is the safety risk it poses to anyone who visits the pool. When layers form on pool tiles, the tiles become slippery and no longer offer a firm support. If you or another person tried to stand on such pool tiles, you risk slipping and falling. This can lead to injuries.

Our Pool Service Northridge experts specialize in performing tailored tile cleaning. Northridge residents can contact us to discuss their tile cleaning needs. We offer two primary methods for tile cleaning: sandblasting and dustless blasting. The right method really depends on the exact circumstances of your pool. In general, dustless blasting will do if your pool tiles don’t have any permanent stains or deposits such as cases where you only need calcium removal. Sandblasting, in comparison, is used when the pool tiles have more stubborn layers of impurities. 


Sandblasting involves the application of fine particles, such as sand, against the surface of pool tiles. This creates a kind of sandpaper effect that is a lot more powerful and effective. When the sand particles are applied against pool tiles and rub the top surface, they effective erode the top layer of the tiles. This instantly removes all the layers, deposits and impurities that are fixed to the tiles.

Pool Service Northridge technicians are trained in performing sandblasting. Once we are done with sandblasting your pool tiles, they have an all-new layer. This layer is revealed by eroding the top layer. The new layer has new-like shine and brightness which immediately restores vivid colors to your pool tiles.

Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting is a more viable tile cleaning option if your pool tiles have stains or deposits that aren’t very stubborn. Dustless blasting techniques can quickly take down temporary layers accumulated on your pool tiles. For this reason, we highly recommend this option to homeowners and businesses who require less intensive tile cleaning. Northridge pools can consult our experts to better determine which technique is more suitable for them.

In dustless blasting, Pool Service Northridge technicians first remove some water from your pool to lower the waterline. This reveals the deposits and impurities on the pool tiles. Our experts then mix together glass beads and salts to create the mixture for application. This mixture is then applied at high speeds to the pool tiles. 

The procedure effectively removes impurities without harming the actual structure of the tiles. Temporary stains and layers of grime are very efficiently removed by using this technique. Dustless blasting is also effective for calcium removal. Northridge pools can rely on our technicians to complete the procedure in a safe and efficient manner.

Once the procedure is over, we sweep the pool and remove all the glass beads from pool water. The best thing about dustless blasting is that it doesn’t leave any debris or waste in your pool water. Once we are done with the process, your pool water is ready for a dip. Dustless blasting is also a quick process. Using cutting-edge equipment, we are able to start and finish the process within 2 to 3 hours.

If you are looking to have your pool tiles cleaned, give us a call today. Whether you are a domestic pool or a commercial pool requiring tile cleaning in Northridge, whether your pool tiles have temporary stains or need a more intensive cleaning, we have got you covered. Pool Service Northridge has the equipment, manpower and resources to perform tile cleaning on pools of any size, shape and type. Contact us today to book our tile cleaning services and get incredibly affordable rates.