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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Northridge Pool Maintenance

Whether you have a domestic or commercial pool, it requires pool maintenance. Northridge pools can now hire our experts for both weekly and monthly maintenance. We also offer customized and tailored maintenance schedule based on your specific needs and requirements.

Our regular pool maintenance covers a comprehensive range of services. We make sure that your pool is cleaned, the PH and water chemistry is checked and adjusted if needed, the bottom is vacuumed, any debris in the water is removed and any repairs or malfunctions are identified. As such, our maintenance helps your pool stay in perfect shape month after month and year after year. This is precisely why a large number of homeowners and business trust Pool Service Northridge’s flagship pool maintenance services.

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Routine Weekly Maintenance

The flagship service we offer pool maintenance. Northridge commercial pools in particular hire us to perform pool maintenance week after week. This is simply because commercial pools typically require maintenance and cleaning more often than domestic pools. When doing commercial pool cleaning and maintenance, our experts use cutting-edge equipment and the best materials. We are also an environmentally conscious company, which means that we try our best to make eco-friendly decisions in the choice of the materials we use.

At Pool Service Northridge take pride in offering our pool maintenance services at a very affordable rate. We believe that if you are pool owner, the best pool maintenance services should be available to you. We strive to make this happen by offering our weekly and monthly pool maintenance at very fair rates.

Whether you have a domestic or commercial pool, you can hire our weekly maintenance services. If you are not sure whether you will require maintenance every week, you can also ask us to create a tailored schedule, such as bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly pool maintenance. Northridge homeowners with pools will generally need pool maintenance less often. They can still keep us on a retainer for scheduled pool maintenance every month.

When scheduling pool maintenance, you also get the freedom to decide the day and hour. Our Pool Service Northridge technicians will reach you at the designated time to get the job done. Such flexibility is particularly useful for commercial pools which can’t shut down during work hours. 

Maintaining Pool Water PH and Chemistry

The PH and chemistry of your pool is of vital importance. Any disturbances in the chemistry or PH can make the pool water unhealthy, posing risks for anyone who takes a dip in the pool. PH defines how acidic or alkaline pool water is. If there are any disturbances in the PH, pool water may become too acidic and alkaline. This, in turn, can cause irritation on the skin and in the eyes.

Our Pool Service Northridge technicians check and adjust pool chemistry, PH and chlorine levels during every maintenance job. This is done to ensure that pool water is safe. 

Equipment Check and Maintenance

Pool equipment also requires regular maintenance. Equipment components such as filters can become clogged and stop working if not routinely maintained. This is why our experts thoroughly check and troubleshoot pool equipment during scheduled pool maintenance. Northridge residents can also ask our experts to specifically check, maintain, and adjust pool equipment when required. Our experts will backwash the filter, remove clogs in the drain, make sure the pumps are functional, and take care of any other equipment problems. Routine equipment checks also help us identify any pool repairs that are required. 

Pool Brushing

If your pool is maintained on a regular basis, it will require only the standard maintenance activities. However, if your pool has been neglected for some time, we will need to put in an extra effort to restore it. This is where pool brushing is used.

Our Pool Service Northridge technicians have the expertise and the equipment to perform detailed pool brushing. This usually involves a deep clean, especially of the pool bottom. A deep clean is essential for a pool that has seen no service or maintenance for a while. It involves a significant amount of manual work.

If you are looking for domestic or commercial pool maintenance in Northridge, give us a call today.