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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Northridge Commercial Pool Services

If you have a commercial pool, it needs regular care, maintenance and servicing. At Pool Service Northridge, we offer a full range of commercial pool cleaning services. We also offer repairs, upgrades, equipment installation and other services for commercial pools across Northridge.

Whether you manage a foundation pool, a pool at an apartment complex or one at the local gym or fitness club, we have got you covered. Simply give us a call today and let us know your exact requirements. We offer both one-off and regularly scheduled services. 

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Commercial Pool Maintenance

A commercial pool needs regular maintenance. This is simply because it typically sees a large number of visitors on a daily basis. A number of regulations and laws also apply to commercial and public pools, which makes routine maintenance all the more important.

At Pool Service Northridge, we offer flexible and customized maintenance options for commercial pools. You can hire our experts to perform weekly or monthly maintenance services on your pool. If you want a more tailored maintenance schedule, you can call us to discuss your requirements.

As a part of our flagship weekly maintenance services, we perform a wide range of activities. These include PH and chlorine check, equipment check and overhauling, removal of debris such as leaves, deep cleaning and brushing when required, unclogging of drains, pool repairs and more. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also ask us to add any other services to the list.

Commercial Pool Equipment 

Commercial pools make use of a variety of equipment today. Such equipment may include filters, pumps, motors, spa jets, heaters and lighting systems. Our Pool Service Northridge technicians handle pool equipment installation, repair and replacement. If you are looking to have any pool equipment installed at your commercial pool, simply let us know and we will make it happen. If you already have such equipment at your pool but it needs to be repaired or replaced, our experts can help.

We take pride in being one of the most affordable pool companies in Northridge. When handling pool equipment, we help you in making cost-effective choices. We also have a repair-over-replacement policy in general. This means that we will try our best to repair a piece of pool equipment when possible.

Commercial Pool Compliance and Safety

Compliance and safety is a major concern with commercial pools. If you manage a commercial pool, you may be required to comply with various regulations defined by the city, county and state. Many of these regulations apply to commercial pool cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Commercial Pool Repairs

Repairs for commercial pools typically need to be performed on an urgent basis. This is simply because commercial pools need to be up and running on working days. If there’s a problem or malfunction, it must be handled on a priority basis. 

Northridge pools can rely on us to perform urgent repairs for commercial pools. We take pride in performing affordable pool repairs relating to the structure, equipment and other aspects of a commercial pool. Whether your commercial pool has chipped tiles, cracks, damaged plaster, malfunctioning motors, clogged filters or any other problems, Pool Service Northridge can handle the repairs. Simply give us a call and our technicians will be at your address in no time to take care of the problem.

Affordable Pool Repair Services in Northridge

You can find a large number of pool companies in Northridge. But if you are wondering ‘what is a pool service near me that offers affordable pool repairs for commercial pools’, the answer is us. We like to work with our commercial clients on a long-term basis. So we establish our relationship on trust and honesty. We offer incredibly affordable rates for any commercial pool cleaning, maintenance or repairs services we perform.

Contact us today to hire our commercial pool services anywhere in Northridge. We also offer free advice and consultation on all matters related to commercial pools. Simply give us a call and get in touch with our experts. Whether you are considering a pool remodel, new equipment installation or any other changes to your pool, you can talk to our technicians about it.