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Northridge Acid Washing Services

If you are looking for acid washing in Northridge, you are at the right place. Pool Service Northridge offers acid washing services for both commercial and domestic pool across the city. If your pool has permanent stains, algae growth, damaged plaster, minerals accumulation or other visible signs of deterioration of the top layer of plaster, it needs an acid wash. An acid wash is a procedure that involves the use of strong chemicals to the plaster. Many pool companies offer acid wash in Northridge. However, it is important to hire qualified professionals to perform the procedure as it requires safety precautions.

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pool maintenance

Why does my pool need acid washing?

If a pool is not properly maintained, the stagnated water becomes a home for algae growth. This is particularly the case when the pools are not properly drained at the end of the summer season. If the water in your pool has turned to a shade of green, this indicates algae growth. Algae growth on pool surface can leave permanent stains on the tiles or plaster. Minerals and other impurities may also leave deposits on pool surface and cause permanent damage to the top layer of the plaster.

This is when an acid wash is required. In this process, we make use of a strong chemical. This chemical is applied to the walls of the pool. The acid is then allowed to rest on the walls for some time. It effectively removes the top layer of the plaster. After some time, the layer and the plaster peeled by the acid are safely removed from the pool.

Your pool typically needs an acid wash when it sees no pool maintenance. Northridge residents can avoid this by hiring our weekly or monthly pool maintenance services.

Acid Washing and Safety Precautions

One of the key considerations during an acid wash is the safety precautions. As noted above, an acid wash involves the use of a strong chemical. This kind of a chemical must be handled only after a technician has put on a gas mask, safety gloves and specialized shoes. Many pool companies in Northridge do not take such precautions when performing an acid wash. This poses a safety risk, both to the technicians and to your property.

Here at Pool Service Northridge, we take safety very seriously. This is why we use specialized equipment and safety gear when performing an acid wash. In doing so, we ensure the safety of our experts as well as that of your property. A perimeter is also secured around the pool for the duration of the procedure to ensure no harm comes to anyone around the pool.

Handling Waste from an Acid Wash

An important part of an acid wash is handling the waste from the procedure. The chemical waste from the procedure can’t be left in your pool or it offers a serious health hazard. Our Pool Service Northridge technicians use drainage equipment to remove the waste from your pool and then dispose of it securely in a remote location. This is also a result of our environment-conscious philosophy.

After removing chemical waste from the acid wash, our experts fill your pool with water. As an added precaution, we check the PH level of the pool water to make sure there are no traces of the chemical in the water. Once this is done, we give you confirmation that the pool is safe for use.

Commercial Pool Cleaning and Acid Wash

Commercial pools typically require an acid wash more often than domestic pools. This is simply because commercial pools see a lot of visitors on a routine basis. Any lapses in routine maintenance may cause the water to stagnate and the plaster to become damaged. When this happens, a quick acid wash can restore the looks of the pool.

Businesses and organizations across Northridge trust us with their commercial pool cleaning. This is simply because we are insured company, conscientious towards the environment and careful about taking due safety precautions. All technicians at Pool Service Northridge are thoroughly trained and highly experienced. This means that we are able to perform this procedure without any hiccups or problems.

If you have a commercial pool in Northridge that requires an acid wash, give us a call today. We also offer emergency acid wash services. Simply let us know that you need the procedure to be performed on an urgent basis. Our experts will be at your property in no time.